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I’ve written about everything from teacher salaries to lawn care to the frustrations of getting a “Hey” message as on online dating opener. My favorite new beat is zero waste. What’s your audience interested in? Exhaustive list of clips is here: https://cvandewater.contently.com/




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The Evolllution

Photos, Video, and other Multimedia

Newhouse curriculum first exposed me to video making–but our annual company Halloween video contest has kept me filming. I’ve written, shot and edited an interview with a local business owner, a street harrassment PSA, a Shining spoof, and more. Adobe Premiere Pro is my editing software of choice, but I’m a quick study with new programs. I recently acquired a an iphone compatible gimbal mount and have been having way too much fun with it.

Photography is another passion picked up in school and never quite put down. I’ve shot volcanoes, bridges, babies, and my own wedding (!). I’m proficient in Lightroom and just finishing up a course in Photoshop. Capturing images of our empty city during quarantine has been an interesting and appreciated diversion during lockdown. (With my face covered, of course. 6 feet away from others. While touching nothing).